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2009 Anime Bracket

Page history last edited by Roy Koopa 7 years, 5 months ago

The 2009 Anime Bracket was the first annual Anime Bracket.



Asuka Langley Soryu Champion
Hinata Hyuga Runner-Up
Sango Final Four
Yachiru Kusajishi Final Four
Rei Ayanami Elite Eight
Orihime Inoue Elite Eight
Haruhi Suzumiya Elite Eight
Rangiku Matsumoto Elite Eight
Sasami Jurai Sweet Sixteen
Ayeka Jurai Sweet Sixteen
Kagome Higurashi Sweet Sixteen
Kenpachi Zaraki Sweet Sixteen
Misato Katsuragi Sweet Sixteen
Soi Fon Sweet Sixteen
Kikyo Sweet Sixteen
Rei Hino Sweet Sixteen


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